Release Notes

November 2021

Changed Akka Serverless Java SDK 0.10.1 smaller fixes and improvements including a code generation solving Scala and Java quickstart sample issues.

Feature You can now use Kafka to connect your Akka Serverless services together and to connect to external services as well.

Changed We’ve updated the messages that are logged in your projects so it is easier to see which messages you should act on and what they mean.

Feature Akka Serverless Java SDK 0.10.0 is now available with a new type safe generated API for interaction between components in the same service.

Feature We’ve introduced our new secrets management API. To safely and securely store secrets you’ll need version 0.1.6 of the Akka Serverless CLI.

October 2021

Changed We’ve implemented a new feature that automatically scales your service down to zero when it fails to start 3 times in a row. This helps preserve your trial credits.

Changed The minimum required Java version is now Java 11.

Feature A new version of the Akka Serverless CLI (v 0.1.1) is now available! You’ll need this latest version to make use of the new platform capabilities

Feature Akka Serverless Java/Scala SDK 0.9.0 is now available and contains all entity types!

Feature As a new state model, we’ve introduced our Replicated Entities. Replicated Entities distribute state using a conflict-free replicated data type (CRDT). Data is shared across multiple instances of a Replicated Entity and is eventually consistent to provide high availability with low latency.

Feature We’ve added a lot of new quickstarts to help you get started with Akka Serverless even faster.

Feature We’ve added documentation on how you can call Akka Serverless services from other Akka Serverless services in your project.

September 2021

Feature A new version of the Akka Serverless CLI (v 0.0.39) is now available! We strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version to make use of the new quickstarts command.

Feature Akka Serverless Java SDK 0.7.0 is now available! This is massive rewrite of the SDK to align our different APIs, remove reflection magic, have a better typed system, and introduce a new generated TestKit.

Deprecated We’ve deprecated the entity generate command in the Akka Serverless CLI in favor of the new code generation capabilities of the SDKs.

Feature There is a new section in the documentation, Quickstarts, to help you get started with Akka Serverless.

Feature We’ve introduced a new (and easy) way to give feedback on the documentation. Click on the little blue icon (with the thumbs) to give us feedback.

Changed The Akka Serverless CLI will now periodically update the cached data.

August 2021

Changed We’ve added docs to show how to leverage GitHub Actions and CircleCI to deploy services to Akka Serverless

Feature To make it easier to test your services, the Service Explorer now generate gRPCURL, cURL, and Fetch commands you can copy/paste

Feature To make it easier to get started you’re now guided through an onboarding wizard to create a project, download the CLI, and find the tutorials

Changed We’ve updated the SDK support page to make it easier to see which SDKs are in which tier

Feature The Akka Serverless CLI now has a new required flag region when you create a new project using the CLI.

July 2021

Feature You can now add container registry credentials from within the console, on the "Integrations" tab.

Changed We’ve made changes to the support form, so it’ll be easier for us to help you troubleshoot an issue.

Changed When you’re inviting a new user, we now also show the invite URL in the console so you can send the URL to the new project member.

June 2021

Feature If you don’t like your project anymore, you can now delete it and start a brand new one.

Feature The akkasls CLI now natively runs on Apple Silicon chips.

Feature The Akka Serverless JavaScript SDK now ships TypeScript definitions to make development even easier.

Feature The Akka Serverless JavaScript SDK now supports asynchronous user functions.

Feature Added new account menu to the header bar in the Akka Serverless Console.

Changed The help menu items from the left navigation bar have move to a help menu in the header bar.

May 2021

Changed Updated the user interface to be consistent across various screens.

Changed Updated log format for the CLI to match the Web UI.

Feature Added integration to Google Cloud Pub/Sub.

Feature With the ability to connect to Google Cloud Pub/Sub we’ve also added new samples for our Java and JavaScript SDKs.

April 2021

Changed As we get ready for our open beta, you no longer need to get projects approved.

Changed To protect our users' applications and our platform, we’ve limited the ports that are open by default. If you need additional ports opened, send us a note.

March 2021

Feature Added a new “integrations” section from where you can connect to Google Cloud’s operation suite (formerly Stackdriver).

Feature Created new versions of the code generation for Node.js and Java.

Changed There’s a new indicator that shows the Project ID field, which is useful when contacting the support team.

Changed Updated the log section to show more details, show an icon of the log level, and make filtering of the logs possible from the UI.

Feature With the introduction of Views, you can now query your entities using SQL.

Feature Adding a new State Model to the mix, you can now use Value Entities using the Java and JavaScript SDKs.